Light Box | Com Denise Fernandes & Pedro Velho

Segunda sessão: Outras teatralidades

Other theatricalities. Theatricalities of others; others in theatricalities. We found this theme appropriate to link the works presented in the second session of “Light Box”. Denise Fernandes and Pedro Velho, despite having different backgrounds, propose a reflection on individual and collective identity, which sometimes could be stereotyped, and on our interpretation of the performative universe that connects ourselves to the relacional world.

Denise Fernandes (1990) was born in Lisbon in a Cape Verdean family and she was raised in Switzerland. In 2011 she moved to Cuba to study at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y tv (EICTV) where she directed “Pan sin Mermelada”” and “Idyllium”. In 2015 she co-directed the video installation “The Nothingness Wandering Out of the Self “. She is currently working on the script of her debut feature film Hanami, which was selected among 70 project for the Solothurn Talent Lab 2016 and awarded “best debut feature project” by the Swiss Authors Society.

Pedro Velho (1991) has focused his work on researching hybrid languages and new multidisciplinary methodologies in the artistic creation; especially the relationship between cinema, photography and performance. His work explores intimacy, relationships, personal experiences and identity, questioning the limits between reality, performance and fiction. His works and collaborations have been shown in national and international photography and film festivals.

Segunda-feira, 23 de Abril de 2018, das 19h às 21h

Curadoria de Da Luz Collective