Rodrigo Rosa

Foco Galeria Rodrigo Rosa

Tower, série Unknown Structures, 2018

Cement and gravel

15x15x30 cm

Foco Galeria Rodrigo Rosa

Untitled #1 (Towers), série Unnamed Spaces, 2018

Mixed media on paper

200×151 cm

Foco Galeria Rodrigo Rosa

Exhibition view of Unknown Structures / Unnamed Spaces at Foco gallery, 2018

Rodrigo Rosa (D.o.B. 10 October 1997) is a contemporary artist, currently completing the final year of his degree in Visual Arts at the University of the Algarve. His work is strongly influenced by the intellectual heritage of his teachers and mentors, who include some of the most significant artists working in Portugal over the past 30 years, such as Rui Sanches, Xana and Pedro Cabral Santo. The visual images that Rodrigo creates are often spontaneous, impulsive and even obsessive productions, sourced from his subconscious. Drawing on an aesthetic that is cold, sober and even austere, calling to mind a stripped-down Nordic style, he succeeds in producing individualist works imbued with a distinctive character. His body of work unfurls and flows easily among a variety of expositional media, oscillating harmoniously – poetically even – between a minimalist register and pure abstractionism.