Signals from Afar
Clara Imbert
[21/05/24 - 28/06/24]

Signals from Afar by Clara Imbert | Curated by Justine Daquin

21 May 2024 | 28 June 2024

At Galeria Foco, Clara Imbert presents an exhibition of metal and stone-made works, opaque objects oscillating between past and future, terrestrial and celestial status. Departing from the story of the meteorite Orgueil, Signals from Afar explores the prospect of a foreign life, its secrets and lessons, daring here to be decoded. Are humans able to listen to alien wisdom, and accept the unknown that comes with it? Echoed with a strange sound piece created by artist Hiroma Keo, the ambiguous and trans-chronic sculptures invite us to reflect on our present times and dream of alternate possibilities. Thanks to the time-warp spell cast by Clara Imbert, these possibilities, once seemingly afar, are now suddenly within reach.

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 21 May | from 6 to 10pm

Opening Hours during Arco Lisbon:

Thursday to Sunday |  10 to 7 pm

Special Event:

Breakfast meet the artist at the Gallery: Saturday 24th | 10-12pm

Gallery Garden Cocktail Party Friday 24th | 6-10pm by invitation (Rua da Arrábida, 81)