Patronki “deep shadows fall lazily, enveloping everything around me” by Martyna Borowiecka

Patronki: “deep shadows fall lazily, enveloping everything around me” is scenographic situation, an intimately arranged ritual space conceived by Martyna Borowiecka. Through adopting the form of a closed circle, the artist invites the gathered audience to encounter their voyeuerism and collectivity. The ritual opens closed gates of oblivion, metaphorically evoking Patronesses characteristic of a Slavic mythology that intersects with a canon of female contemporary artists. These figures will be translated and transferred through the invocation of their archetypal narratives. The mysticism of this practice encapsulates an honest celebration of time here and now. The world is slipping away from our familiar senses; thus the initiated ritual confirms the presence of an immaterial reality existing through the activation of voice, place, and image. Patronki opens a season of reflection, melancholy, reverie, and the remembrance of ancestors.

Patronki: “deep shadows fall lazily, enveloping everything around me” is the second iteration within Tool cycle: new visualisations for activated bodies, a seasonal cycle of performances which investigates the topics of boundary, elasticity, ritual, and chaos taking place through 2021 at Galeria Foco and Goyki 3, Sopot, Poland.

September 3-4, 2021
8-9 pm

Direction: Martyna Borowiecka
Performance: Martyna Borowiecka, Aude Vignac, Maíra Botelho
Scenic Installation: Martyna Borowiecka
Score: Leona Jacewska
Curatorship: Josseline Black & Kasia Sobczak
Support: Institute of Adam Mickiewicz, Galeria Foco, Goyki 3 Art Inkubator
Partners: Goyki 3 Art Inkubator