Novo Festival ignites the synergy between visual art, performance, and critical thought. In times of uncertainty, contemporary artistic production must aim to form hybrid communities as an act of political revolt. Novo Festival is open to all publics and against any form of discrimination and takes place at Galeria Foco from July 6-30, 2023.

Curatorial Text

Opening Party with Pambala
(Dj set by Circa Papi) 18h-22h
06.07 – 25.07
“I am Curious Blue”- Rui Palma x Kuril Chto (duo exhibition) 14h-19h
14.07 | 15.07
“Háblame, cuerpo”- Nazario Díaz (performance) 20h
16.07 | 17.07
“Aparição” – Luís Guerra
(performance) 19h-22h
19.07 | 20.07
“mínimo gesto comum”- Bruno Levorin
with Vinícius Possal (performance) 20h
“Bichxs de Merda: Aristóteles, fêmeas e outros monstros de-generativos” – p. feijó
(lecture) 20h
“Traumacore. Crónicas de una disociación feminista” – Núria Gómez Gabriel
(lecture) 20h

27.07 – 30.07
Metacontemporary Think Tank by Andrey Gelmiza. @metacontemporary

«All About Youth: Misunderstandings» by Leila Erdman-Tabukashvili – Music by Vladimir Volkov.

27.07 | Thursday 18h00-22h00
Opening Cockatil & Public Talk with Leila Erdman-Tabukashvilli and Josseline Black: “The Birth And Death Of Dialogues”.

28.07 | Friday 11h30
Future Brunch in collaboration with Boca a Boca
(RSVP Here before 26th)

28.07 | Friday, 12h30
In dialogue with Thomas Sevcik, frontier strategist, co-founder of Arthesia, Zurich, regarding “Phygital Cities”.

29.07 | Saturday 14h00-19h00
Artist capsule collection x installation from NWDS.

30.07 | Sunday 20h00
In dialogue with Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, curator and art-tech entrepreneur, CEO of Tech-Diplomacy Network, San Francisco, about Mergers And Acquisitions In Art And Tech Diplomacy.

Curated by Josseline Black, Julián Pacomio and Benjamin Gonthier
Documented by Pedro Leote

Support by República Portuguesa -Cultura / Direcçao-Geral das Arts, Pambala and Metacontemporary